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Foundation “Qendra Frasheri” (Centre Frasheri) was established on September 25, 2007 with the decision nr. 423 of the Tirana District Court. Its aim is to contribute to and to promote the evaluation, protection und presentation of Cultural Heritage in Albania and Albanian-speaking territories, according to the “Law of Cultural Heritage nr. 9048, § 41-42”, passed on 07-04-2003, with following activities:


·       Conservation and restoration of monuments of all kinds and all times for museal and touristic purpose

·       Expertises, concepts and projects fort the protection, preservation, presentation and use of archaeological sites and monuments

·       Scientific and popular publications in the field of Architecture, Art, Archaeology and Restoration

·       Increase public awareness in Albania and abroad through conferences, symposia and exhibitions for the history of archaeological sites as the history of art and architecture

·       Professional qualification in the field of Archaeology, History of Art and Architecture and Restoration






Frasher, Museum house of the Frasheri brothers.



The foundation “Qendra Frasheri” is a non-governmental organization that engages in not-for-profit activities. It has not political aims. The work of the foundation is supported by membership dues and donations.


The activity of the foundation is set out in its constitutive documents by the Tirana Chamber of Notaries (nr. 6200 REP and nr. 1796 KOL from 17-09-2007) and in its Statute from 12-09-2007.


The head-office of the foudation is situated at Tirana, „rruga Mihal Grameno (Dalip Zavalani), Pall. 4, Ap. 3.


“Qendra Frasheri” profits from the many years of extensive, world-wide professional experience of its executive board and specialistsj. Director of the foundation is Prof. Dr. Gjergj Frasheri.


Up to now the foundation has relations with German and Albanian institutions and organisations. Under its activity it wants to exchange experiences with other institutions and organisations of other countries operatingin the same field.



PROJECTS 2007-2014:

In the last four years in Albania we developed several projects for the preservation and presentation of monuments and archaeological sites.

We are working in two sectors:

a) Private ore public properties in historic city centres, for which exist new building plans. For these areas solutions were found to enable the construction but also to conservate and present the important archaeological findings to the visitors.

b) Historic monuments, which are threatened by demolition and decay. For these we develop concepts for the preservation, revitalization and presentation for a cultural and “gentle” tourism.


·       Tirana castle, excavation and architectonic research - project for the preservation and restauration for museal and tourist purpose:

           In the byzantine castle of Tirana the recent buildings will be analysed and removed.

           The historical buildings will be documented and restored for reusing as representative offices or rooms, museum or rooms for social events.






Tirana Castle

·       Creation of complete guidelines for “The rescue archaeology in Albania“ and for the „Professional licensing of archaeologists and archaeological companies“ according to the international standard on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania


·       Concept of an international development project for the preservation of archaeological sites and cultural monuments in Durres, Albania according to the European standards


·       Project for archaeological researches and restoration of the Amphi - theater in Durres for museal and tourist purpose:        

           The Amphitheatre of Durres is one of the most important and largest amphitheatres of the roman world.Today it isn’t well saved and there are many static risks like geotechnical instability, erosion and water presence in the arena. With the project of “Studio Frashëri” the theatre will be consolidated and restored for current use – the western and southern part as museal zone and archaeological park, the nortern part for open-air-events.



Amphitheater in Durres

·       Project for archaeological conversation and museum presentation in the city centre of Durres, rruga Troplini:

           In 2009 we have been asked to develop a conservation-concept for an archaeological area in Troplini Street, in the centre of Durres. This place was excavated in 2007 from the regional archaeologists and now completely filled with ground water. The specialists of “Studio Frashëri” lowered the ground water and created an expertice and a project for conservation, which provides to build a concrete trough as a foundation base of the archaeological structures.


·       Programme for the creation of archaeological maps in Albania in the coordinate system of the land surveying on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania, in cooperation with German Archaeological Institute in Rome, University of Cologne, Rheinisches Amt für Bodendenkmalpflege in Bonn and other scientific institutions and personalities in Europe

·       Project for the conservation of Ali Pasha Castle beside Vivari Channel, Butrint, for museal and touristic purpose:                   

           Our foundation has also projected the conservation and revitalization of Ali Pasha Castle beside Vivari Channel near Butrint for museal and touristic purpose. The old castle will be restored and reused as museum and a work and observation point for ornithologists.



VivariAli Pasha Castle

·       Programme for the establishment of archaeological archives in Albania according to today’s standards, to ensure the interchange of data and experiences with archives in Middle and Western Europe on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Albania


·       Project for the excavation and restoration (Anastilosis) of the town wall of Albanopolis (Zgerdhesh, Albania)


·       Training of our Albanian personnel for using 3-D-Laserscanner:

           One of our greatest strength is the ultra - modern technical equipment for documentation, measuring and presentation of monuments and archaeological sites. We are working with the most modern and powerful technology in all areas of electronic surveying. So we have the opportunity to carry out archaeological excavations and develop conservation and revitalization projects quickly and economically but still at the highest documentation level. In the last year we established in Albania the first 3-D-Laserscanner for documentation and surveying of historic monuments, archaeological sites and architecture. We have employed French and German specialists to qualify our young Albanian professionals in the modern, European methods and concepts of archaeology and monument preservation as well as in 3-D-Laserscanning methods.



3D Scanner3D Laserscanning


·       3-D-Laserscanning:

           Durres. Amphitheatre (2011-2012)

           The amphitheatre of Durres is one of the most important and largest amphitheatres of the roman world. Today it is not well saved and there are many static risks like geo-technical instability, erosions and water presence in the arena. Our foundation has developed a Master-Project for the consolidation and restoration of this monument and as first part of this project we have measured the whole amphitheatre with a professional 3-D-Laserscanner (Trimble).



Amfiteatri Durres, 3 D Scanner

·       Study tours to Germany, Italy, Croatia and Greece:

         “Qendra Frasheri” has also organized study tours for our Albanian staff to historical monuments and archaeological sites, as well as to some central institutions for preserving the cultural heritage in Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro.


·       In 2014 our foundacion has organised a scientific conference in memory of burning down of the town Frasher by greek military troops in 1914. More Informations






QENDRA Frasheri


Drejtor: Prof. Gjergj Frasheri

Cel: 00355-(0)68-6034882



Tiranë ∙ rr. Mihal Grameno (Dalip Zavalani), Pall. 4, Ap. 3


Homepage: www.stadtarchaeologie-aker.org


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